Walk Brum

Some time in 2016, I had this half baked idea to walk every road in Birmingham. This is about 1,500 miles of roads plus some footpaths, tow paths etc. I started keenly but the novelty soon wore off.

I have sort of resurrected the idea, filling in bits here and there.

The map shows where I’ve been so far.

Here’s the original entry from an earlier blog (LINK) …

After catching an item on the BBC’s Travel Programme about a guy who is walking EVERY street in New York (LINK), I was wondering if such a thing would be possible, albeit on a smaller scale, in Birmingham.

Such a walk would entail…

  • Walking every road / street in Birmingham (excluding Motorways)
  • Every canal towpath open to the public
  • Every public footpath and bridleway

The American chap, who’s name is Matt, has estimated that the Big Apple has over 6,000 miles of streets. I’m not sure how he’s come to that figure but I wonder how many miles Birmingham possesses or even how to find out.

If I were to attempt such a thing, I’d like to be able to map my progress. Joining lots of GPX trails would be messy especially as some stretches could be walked many times. Looking at Matt’s map, it all looks very tidy but I wonder how he’s done it.
Getting around, apart from the actual walking, should be fairly straight-forward using public transport – bus, train, metro or even the car if needed.