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Going South

All the preparation is done. All the gear is packed. Kev is ready. The 100 has finally arrived ! As…

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Lichfield to Church End

With a little over 4 weeks to go until the Dorset 100, I decided that it was time to move…

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Less Than 33 Days To Go

Aggghhh It’s getting closer by the day and I’m beginning to get a little nervous. As I’ve said before, I’ve…

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Agghhh – It’s Getting Close

I’ve been a little preoccupied lately, changing jobs. I’ve just about got that all sorted, with a start date of…

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Birmingham Greenway

The Route Today, I chose to walk the 23 mile Birmingham Greenway. This walk started at Blake Street railway station,…

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ACW Extra

A couple of weeks on and the memories of the mud are slowly fading. The results have been formatted and…

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A (Muddy) Coventry Way

The Start Up at 4:30 in the very a.m. and out of the house by 5, en route to Meriden…

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And I would walk 500 miles

The Proclaimers Just 3 miles at work this morning. Why JUST 3 miles? A couple of reasons, I suppose… I’m…

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The Lake District

As is quite usual, I stopped off at Hockley Heath, leaving the car in the car park, noting that the…

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Coming Up

 I’ve got a few ‘proper’ walks planned and coming up soon. On Sunday April 3rd, I’ll be setting off from…