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Jan 18 – The Lurgy

A niggley sore throat, yesterday has incubated overnight and this morning I feel shite.Sore throat, headache blocked nose – I’m…

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Jan 4 – Don’t get me started on Cyclists !

An easy day with a couple of miles walk from Saltley into work along the canal. Total now stands at…

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The Marstons

After my two, unexpected, night shifts, I spent Friday morning in bed arising around two.  Around four, I set off…

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On the road again

The proposed Sunday night excursion did not take place due to a bit of a relapse and I spent my…

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Tummy and Torches

After my walk along the Grand Union, I returned home for something to eat and strangely did not feel at…

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Beyond The Black Boy

Today I was on a course in Solihull so thought that I could walk home along The Solihull way /…

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I had to use the car for getting to and from work but once back home, I quickly changed and…

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Still feeling rather under the weather, I decided to try a little retail therapy.Noticing that our local Go Outdoors had…

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Woe is me

Feeling like death warmed up, I sit at my keyboard writing this.I think that I’ve got some form of cold,…

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I took the bus to work, today, as I wanted a walk post-work.I finished work just before 16:30 and took…