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Another go at the Hundred ?

I was looking through various websites looking at upcoming events, when I came across the LDWA’s hundred for 2021. The…

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Return of The Dipper

Looking through a list of walking and running events for 2020, I came across the Dovedale Dipper. This scenic and…

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February Update

So what’s been happening, I hear you ask (go on, ask!!!) ? The dogs continue to improve with each walking,…

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2020 ?

What will the new year bring? A question asked by many as each year draws to a close. 2019 didn’t…

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Coming to a walker near you …

Looking at the upcoming section of this blog, last week, I thought that it was looking a bit sparse so…

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The Aftermath

It’s been a couple of days since finishing the Rotary Across Wales Walk (#RAWW2019). When people ask me how it…

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So how did it go, I hear you ask !Well let me tell you … I left home around half…

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Straining at the Leash ?

As the Rotary Across Wales Walk starts at 4am tomorrow, I have been shifting my sleep window a bit each…

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Getting Ready

Only a couple of days to go until the Rotary Walk Across Wales on Saturday. The plan for Saturday goes…

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A Coventry Way

A Coventry Way is a walk devised by Cyril Bean in the seventies that circumnavigates the city of Coventry, never…