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Walk Brum

I was out of the house a little earlier than usual, so treated myself to a slightly longer walk into…

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Half Way There

It was a miserable, wet, afternoon as I stepped out of the car in the car park of Solihull Hospital….

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One of those “Not a lot happened, just the usual walking stuff!” sort of day. Got off a couple of…

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Warm Wednesday

Usual two miler to work. Usual two miler after work ? Wrong. It was such a nice sunny day, that…

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Sunday Socks

Another misty start as I ventured out of the house for another ten miles. This wasn’t going to be anything…

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Country Walk

Today was to have been the ‘usual’ two miles to and from work. I managed the first leg walking from…

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The day started with the usual 94 bus ride to Saltley followed by a wake-up two miler into work. After…

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Twenty Mile Warm Up

Amazingly, I did get up at half two this morning. Especially amazing is the fact that after going to bed…

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Wet Sunday

To complete this weekend’s back to back walks, I dragged myself out of a nice warm bed and out into…

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Big Finish

Now before you get excited, this post is not about muscular Sven from Helsinki. Amazingly, I DID wake up at…