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Yesterday, I dropped my car off at the garage and walked the five and a bit miles home. Today, after…

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Lots of (Little) Walks

Looking at today’s endomondo anyone would think that I’d spent the day walking. Let me explain … The first two…

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2020 ?

What will the new year bring? A question asked by many as each year draws to a close. 2019 didn’t…

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Yeh – 1000 !!!

9th June and I’ve reached one thousand miles walked in 2019 🙂 The other half and I were spending a…

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Walking the Walk

The other half was working this Sunday so I had the day to myself. I drove the other half to…

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Trying to keep up the momentum, I set out for a little walk from home this evening. I followed a…

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I was going to treat myself to a rare lie-in this morning but having gotten out of bed to answer…

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Up the Beacon

Barr Beacon Saturday has rolled around again so it’s an early start to get a few miles in before parkrun….

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Beddgelet and The Griffin

I rose early to get out and grab a few sunrise photos around the Beddgelert area. After snapping a few…

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Closed due to HS2

I had a family weekend in North Wales so couldn’t do my usual Saturday long walk / parkrun. As we…