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Podcast to Shetland

Thursday A mile and a bit each before work. In the evening, I took the dogs out for what I…

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After their obligatory early morning walks, the dogs were left behind as I drove into work. Even though the dogs…

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I’m Still (King)Standing

The dogs had each had a mile and a half walk in the morning but my training plan called for…

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Another go at the Hundred ?

I was looking through various websites looking at upcoming events, when I came across the LDWA’s hundred for 2021. The…

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It was just after seven when I heard the first canine whimper. I went downstairs, let them out into the…

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“This is Security!”

Well, the plan worked and I was awoken at … I had a leisurely breakfast before heading out the door,…

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I’ll have an ‘E’ Bob !

I was awoken by a whinning dog at some ungodly hour and after, unsuccessfully trying to go back to sleep…

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Even Easier Tuesday

I was rudely awoke by the dogs at around 04:40 – not a good start. I got up, dressed and…

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Easy Monday

After a not very good night’s sleep, I gave up and got up at around 05:00 and dragged Misty out…

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Sunday … it must be the pub!

Following on from yesterday’s long walks, I let the dogs off lightly with only a couple of miles each around…