About kev

Greetings and welcome to yet another blog about walking !

What makes this one different ? To be honest, not a lot !

A little history – Since taking up walking seriously a few years ago, I have covered over 1000 miles each year by either walking, running or, in most years, a mixture of the two.

In 2018, due to a recurring knee problem (see below) and a general malaise, I only managed 735.

In 2019, I signed up for the Country Walking #walk1000miles challenge and managed to clock up around 1,700 miles.

I have signed up every year since.

Also, having to maintain this blog should motivate me to get out of the front door and clock up some miles.

Recently, I have made the switch from distance to speed (see race walking, below).

The knee

It comes to us all – getting old.

On the whole, I haven’t let it get to me but, obviously, I’m not as fast as I used to be.

The main bugbear is the onset of Osteoarthritis especially in my right knee.

Basically, the cartilage between the bones in the top and bottom of my leg has worn away so I’m not getting the protection afforded by healthy tissue.

There is no ‘cure’ for osteoarthritis but it can be managed by exercise, maintaining a healthy weight and using medication (Ibufrofen), when needed, for pain relief.

When walking I use kinesiology tape to strap up my patella which really helps.

The dogs

After being a dog-less household for a number of years, my other half, decided that it was time to get us a pooch.

We looked around without too much conviction until one day I got a phone call, at work, from the other half.

“Can you get to Birmingham Dogs’ Home?” she saked, “I’ve found us a dog!”

A few days later, we were the proud owners of a slightly underweight German Shepherd going by the name of Gabby.

Since then, we have given another pooch a forever home so I now have Gabby and Misty to keep me company when out for an easy paced walk.

Race Walking

After rediscovering parkrun, I have seen my time for walking the weekly 5k drop for around forty five minutes to around thirty six – and there is stays.

To get over this plateau, I have taken up race walking. I am hoping that with the correct technique, I can walk faster.

I have discovered that walking properly, I can up the speed but can also get a really good workout very similar to what I used to get running. In fact I think of race walking as running but without the running !

To help in my quest, I have joined Nuneaton Harriers which has a race walking group and they have taken me under their wing.