Kev Walks (does he?)

It seems that the bike has taken over to the detriment of the walking.

Since I started to use the bike for getting to work (on a few days every week) the volume of miles walked has plummeted. The totals stand at …

  • Walking – 64 miles
  • Cycling – 305 miles

Even taking into account the fact that cycling produces, roughly, three times the mileage for the same time exercising; it’s still nearly twice as much !

So why is this ?

I would say that the main reason is that cycling to work takes about half the time than a walk would meaning I can leave home at around six whereas, if I were walking, I’d have to get up even earlier to be out of the house well before half five !

Similarly, returning home, I can be back earlier giving me more time to sort out the dogs and start to get the evening meal ready.

Then comes the matter of at-home exercise.

I have had a treadmill for some time but even with Zwift it is still pretty boring.

Now, on the bike, Zwift is a much more immersive activity with it’s interactive features. You need to pay attention to the terrain and shift gears as the hills appear.

Then there’s the drafting with it’s reminders to “Close the gap” which helps maintain interest.

But one of the best features is the group ride. I have joined the Wobble Cycle Club on Zwift and take part in the weekly social ride with like minded souls.

As well as an (easy) workout there is a great social atmosphere with messages flying around in the peloton.

Dovedale Dipper

Carried over, repeatedly, from 2020, is the forthcoming Dovedale Dipper. This is a, roughly, twenty six miler around the Derbyshire countryside with, as the name suggests, a few ups and downs. I have completed this before but am a little apprehensive as I have not got many miles training in.

I managed the Birmingham Black Country Half Marathon a few weeks back and I reckon if I take it easy, I should be able to finish the dipper.

I’m hoping to get the bus into work tomorrow and walk home clocking up around ten miles. Perhaps a walk to The Griffin on Sunday can add a few more miles.

It’s a bit late to try and cram in too many miles but a few short walks early next week should remind the legs how to walk ?

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