Brunch & Wobble

All the Gears (no ideas!)

I spent some time on Saturday removing the cassette and adding a couple of spacers behind it before replacing it.

I then spent some more time setting up the gearing which now allows me to access all eight gears or sixteen with the chainwheel shifter.

As a test, I took a quick spin around London. The gear changes were a lot slicker but no perfect especially at the extremes of the cassette.

The London course featured a sprint on The Mall which I was sucked into trying. All in all, I did the sprint three times producing over five hundred watts on my fastest attempt.

At the end of the ride, Zwift informed me that it had increased my Functional Threshold Power (FTP) to one hundred and fifty watts. I think that this means that I’m getting stronger.

Functional Threshold Power

Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is determined by your ability to maintain maximum intensity for an hour. For best accuracy, your FTP should be recent, ideally tested every 6-8 weeks.

Sunday Brunch and Wobble

After doing a few jobs around the house, I treated myself to a mid-day ride. I remembered hearing about the Wobble Cycling Club’s Sunday group rides and soon found the event on Zwift.

I ensured everything was connected and joined the ride with about ten minutes to go, spinning easily to get the legs warmed up. I introduced myself and at the allotted time thirty three of us set off to cycle around the Makuri Islands (somewhere in Japan, apparently).

I managed to stick with the main group most of the time but did find myself getting away especially on the downhills and had to soft pedal until I was caught.

As on Wednesday, I had a very enjoyable ride and the hour passed quickly clocking up 15.3 miles.

My total cycling mileage for the week had shot up to ninety four.

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