Through the Jungle

Obviously not a real jungle but a virtual one courtesy of Zwift.

I’ve had a further shuffle in the office / zwift cave (I don’t like the usual ‘pain cave’ description) and by moving the bike across a little I can leave the trainer set up and still be able to use the desk.

Also, after suffering a few drop outs using the Apple TV, I set up my iPad for Zwift and mirrored the screen to the Mac Mini and hence to the 28″ screen which I swivelled around to in front of the handlebars.

The iPad paired with the Elite trainer AND my heart rate monitor so I was all set up to go.

I selected a shortish route and with the fans running, towel at my side and a full drinks bottle on the desk, I started pedalling.

The ride started with a gentle uphill incline before a drop. The route levelled out (more or less) before dropping again. From about fifteen minutes in, there was a longs log uphill of varying gradients requiring plenty of gear changes. It was really noticeable how the training changed the amount of resistance depending on the steepness on the climb.

At the summit, the route crossed the bridge shown above so I was able to zoom down a 5% incline only to be hit by a +5% up the far side.

The remainder of the ride was mainly downhill with a little rise just before the finish.

I worked harder on this ride than yesterday’s group ride clocking an average 118W (1.24W/kg) compared with 100W (1.05W/kg) and broke out into a bit of a sweat !

On e thing that I did notice was that although steady pedalling was very quite, changing gears produced a noticeable clunk and a little grinding in some gear combinations.

This is probably due to the positioning of the cassette which was just plonked on so that I could try it out.

I have ordered a cassette tool and will add a couple of spacers behind the cassette and adjust the gear cable so that the gears index correctly. This should lead to slicker and quieter gear changes.

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