First Ride

That’s not my first bicycle ride ever, I think that that was back in the mists of time when I was around five or six.

This first ride is the first time that I have ridden my bike in what was the spare bedroom and now doubles as a home office / pain cave.

My new turbo trainer arrived at work and at knocking off time, I rushed home to unbox it and get everything set up.

Assembly was fairly easy with the legs attaching with a few screws. A new eight speed cassette (rear cogs) was fitted to the splines on the trainer and a quick release skewer inserted.

The bike was offered up to the trainer and all seemed to line up and turning the pedals by hand spun the turbo’s flywheel.

I plugged the trainer in – some LEDs lit up so that looked promising.

I had to go downstairs to rob the Apple TV from the Den and dug out my road shoes complete with Look cleats.

Returning to the office, I plugged in the Apple TV and selected the Zwift app.

I switched from Run to Ride and on clicking Pair was happy to see the turbo appear on the list of available devices.

I paired the turbo to both provide speed / cadence / power readings and also chose to trainer as an interactive device so that it would get harder when riding ‘uphill’.

I was ready to go so I made sure that my water bottle and towel were to hand and started the fans.

I selected ‘Fit and Fun’ as my workout which was described as an introduction.

I started pedalling and the app flashed up on-screen all I needed to know about using Zwift as a bike then walked me through an easy workout where I had to ride at a particular power for specific times.

I took it easy, following the instructions and was soon well into my first ride.

I did try to ride ‘properly’ but did give in the the urge to speed up just to see my avatar pedal faster and overtake a fellow Zwifter.

Twenty two minutes after first spinning, I was congratulated on completing my first session.

I really enjoyed the experience and am already looking forward to doing it again.

I will be cycling to work tomorrow and the following day so will have to reign in my enthusiasm until Thursday. I’m also planning on a walk to the pub Thursday, oh, and I have a pergola to build in the garden.

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