Pain Cave

I was musing about using a turbo trainer in the office / training room and remembering my treadmill downstairs I thought that perhaps I could setup a Zwift thing upstairs.

I hauled the treadmill up to the top floor ( I live in what is often referred to as a town house – i.e. Three Floors) and after shuffling the furniture around managed to make enough space for the treadmill.

Once the treader was in place, I turned my mind to getting Zwift running on as big a screen as I could manage.

At first, I ran Zwift on my iPhone and mirrored the screen to my M1 Mac mini and it’s 28″ 4K monitor. This worked fine but I wanted to use the Zwift companion app on my phone so switch to an iPad for the main program.

If the desk looks a bit untidy that’s mainly because I just shoved everything out of the way, hence the white apple keyboard piled atop the Mac mini and cables everywhere.

To try it out, I assembled the other zwifting essentials (fan(s) water bottle, towel) and chose a short course around Harrogate. I know it as Harrogate but Zwift calls it Yorkshire.

It’s been a while since I’m been on the treadmill and I didn’t find the exercise particularly easy so much so that I gave up after a couple of miles.

Still, it proved the concept.

Once finished, I folded up the treadmill and pushed it into a corner where it only takes up about two foot by two foot of floor space.

I then resembled the desk.

Now that I’ve proved that I can workout on the treadmill for my walking, I need to turn my attention to getting the turbo trainer in and setup.

Many Zwift cyclist take great delight in sharing photos of their set ups which they tend to call Pain Caves – I’m not too sure of the term and I don’t think that I’ll be going flat out hoping for the oft touted “No Pain, No Gain!”

I have dug my road bike out from the deepest recesses of the bike shed, removed a few unnecessary bits and given it a bit of a clean. I have removed the rear wheel and stashed that back in the shed. I have also removed the read mudguard so the bike isn’t as long.

My trainer, according to Yodel, will be delivered tomorrow and I’ve bought an eight speed cassette ready to fit. I’m having the turbo delivered to work so that there is somewhere to accept delivery so I’ll have to use the car tomorrow and then I should be back on the bike for my commuting on Tuesday.

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