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In a bid to get fit and with recent fuel price rises (£1.90 litre) I recently dusted off one of my bikes with a view to using it to commute to work, at least, a few days a week.

After literally dusting it off, I pumped up the tyres (bike last used in 2019) and checked over the mechanicals.

The following day, the tyres were still hard so I threw on some leggings and took the stead out for a test.

One of the routes that I could take to work used a path which passes under the railway at Stetchford but which has been closed due to some work on the viaduct. I decided to cycle to that point to see if the works had finished.

The legs protested a little at being asked to propel a bicycle but it wasn’t too bad. At my destination, I was happy to see that the re-pointing (or whatever they had been doing to the viaduct) had completed and the path was both open and bikeable.

I turned around here and made my way home taking a slightly different route through Castle Bromwich.

My first bike ride for over three years was complete. The legs felt a bit odd and there was some chaffing around the nether regions.

I have dug out some of my old cycling gear including padded bib shorts (very welcome).

I have made a few improvements with the main modification being a set of butterfly handlebars which should give me a number of different hand positions. I have even managed to mount my GPS on the bars (not shown in this photo).

I am lucky to have a few, fairly, traffic-free routes to/from work utilising cycle paths, shared access paths and canal towpaths ranging from nine miles each way.

I have, so far, managed cycling to and from work three times and am quite enjoying being on two wheels again.

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