Another Race

I was asked by a member of the Harriers (Nuneaton, that is) if I could compete in the Midlands Veterans League event on 18th May. The event was two thousand metres race walk and I would be competing in the M35 category.

I would be competing against other athletes aged thirty five and over so at sixty three I would be going against younger walkers. However, it was for the club and as long as I finished would earn points for Nuneaton Harriers.

My event was due to start at five past eight so I arrived at the stadium around seven so that I would be in plenty of time and be able to soak up some of the atmosphere.

As I was waiting, I picked up my numbers, one for the front and one for the back, along with a handful of safety pins.

As the start approached, I spoke with other Harriers and was informed that my race would be a combined event with M35, M50, W35 and W50 competitors. I would be directly racing against anyone whose number ended with a three.

A little before the start, I made myself known to the officials and was asked to line up.

Just after five past eight, around a dozen of us lined up and at the gun, we were off.

I started steady enough and managed to overtake a couple of threes finishing in forth place out of six and earning five points for the club.

I finished the two kilometres in 14:37 at an average pace of 12:13 per mile even managing a little ‘sprint’ at the end.

The race was run as a Category A event meaning that I would be judged on my form so I had to ensure that my leading leg was straight.

Luckily, I managed without receiving a single warning from the judges.