Parkrun … and some

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Now that I’m back into some sort of regular training, I had decided to attend a parkrun this Saturday. I had not attended the semi-local Kingsbury Waterpark parkrun for some time so chose this one.

I would also be doing a longish (LSD) walk on Sunday – probably to The Griffin.

Then, I realised that I would be out and about on Sunday enjoying a leisurely steam train to Stratford so, Friday night, I had to do a bit of last minute re-planning.

I planned on walking to Kingsbury, walking the parkrun and then walking home.

All in all I would be walking about sixteen miles – the longest for quite a while.

I walked out of the front door at a little after half six and headed for the neighbouring village of Water Orton.

An indication that I hadn’t been out much is the springing up of the Old Saltleians new training ground and clubhouse.

The rugby club’s old training ground was consumed by HS2 and the club have temporarily moved to Shard End until the new facilities have been built.

From Water Orton, I continued to Coleshill passing the railway station (Coleshill Parkway) and onto Hams Hall distribution park before exiting to Lea Marston.

At the village, I switched to what is known as The Muddy Path which runs alongside a couple of pools marked on the maps as Lea Marston Purification Lakes.

It’s only from looking at the maps that you can tell the lakes are there as you don’t even get a glimpse of them from the path.

Luckily, the Muddy Path was bone dry and made for easy walking.

From the end of the path, it was back onto tarmac for the final mile to the water park.

I arrived at around half eight after covering 7.4 miles.

Following the various briefings, two hundred and thirty or so runners / joggers / walkers set off to complete the scenic five kilometres.

I had planned on taking it easy and started off towards the back and slowly moved up through the filed gaining a few places.

In front of me, I could see a woman, with orange gloves, who was also walking and I decided that I could catch her up.

With a target in my sights, I slowly sped up recording some (slightly) impressive negative splits …

I caught her up with about a quarter of a mile to go and after exchanging pleasantries, left her as I accelerated to towards the finish.

Nowhere near my quickest parkrun but I recorded a time of 40:39. My pacer (whom I later found out is Sheila) and I exchanged thanks for ‘dragging’ each other around the course.

After a brief cool down (but not too much) I left the park and headed for the canal at The Dog and Doublet pub.

I walked along the towpath for a couple of miles leaving the cut after emerging from Curdworth tunnel and made my way through the little village of the same name.

Just before I had to take a footpath from the main road, I spotted someone I knew so just had to stop to have a chat.

I had worked with Alan many years ago at Birmingham Airport and we had a fair bit of news to catch up on. It is a sign of getting older that a fair proportion of the news was of associates who had sadly passed away.

Whilst standing on Alan’s drive, his other half came out and offered to put the kettle on but I insisted that I had to get on.

After a few more minutes and promises to keep in touch, I bid Alan and Joyce a fond farewell and set off to find the path to Water Orton.

A mile later, I was back in Water Orton and only a mile and a bit from home.

In Water Orton, I bumped in to someone else I knew, but only exchanged the briefest of greetings before ascending Attleboro Lane, over the motorways and back home.

By the time I reached home, I had covered sixteen and a half miles … and I was knackered !

I had a bite to eat and topped up my fluids before telling the other half, “I’ll just have a lie down for a couple of minutes”.

An hour and a half later, I woke up feeling a little refreshed.

As I said earlier, this was the longest day for many months but I’d done it. I daresay. once DOMS has set in, I’ll be reminded of what I’d done.

UPDATE – Yes! The sorest bits are not my legs but my arms! I had tried to follow race walking technique with the arms bent at ninety degrees.

Delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is muscle pain that begins after you’ve worked out. It normally starts a day or two after a workout. You won’t feel DOMS during a workout.