Back on Track

The come-back is coming along.

So far this week, I have been up and out with the dogs every morning, before work, and last night I dragged myself over to Nuneaton for a walk with the race-walking group.

On Wednesday, I had a WhatsApp chat with my coach at Nuneaton Harriers, telling him that I am finally getting my act together and covering a few (easy) miles.

I even talked myself into going to the track in Nuneaton (home of the Harriers) for a gentle stroll.

I had a bit of a runaround on Thursday which culminated in me being in Birmingham’s city centre at 5pm.

I was dreading the drive along the busy A38M to join the equally busy M6 towards Coventry. Luckily, the kids are still on Easter break so the roads were not too bad – apart from a little stop start through the ever present M6 roadworks.

I arrived at the stadium at six so had about half an hour to kill before the rest of the group were due to arrive.

I spoke to Nick, one of the running coaches who always seems to be at the track and observed a pair of ducks drinking from a dogs’ bowl.

“New members?” I enquired.
“Not really, they were here last year,” Nick replied, “They were famous!”

He then went on to tell me that the ducks had been on TV.

A quick google and I found this …

I did a few laps of the track as a warm up while I waited for the others to arrive.

At around half six, Neale and Steve arrived and Steve explained that Andy was running a little late.

Neale and I decided to have a bit of a warm up so I did a couple more laps of the track.

Neale asked what I’d been up to lately and I confessed to not a lot. I did mention that I had a marathon coming up in July which I would be (obviously) walking. Neale seemed quite interested and asked me to send him the details.

When Andy finally arrive (he wasn’t too late) we decided on an easy, social, walk around the nearby Riversley Park. All in all, we did five laps of just under a half mile each before returning to the stadium and the cafe for a post workout coffee.

This was my first proper race-walk for a while and it went alright. I could easily gone faster but I am trying to get back into the scene gradually.

My next outing will be Kingsbury Waterpark’s parkrun on Saturday (parkrun number 62) and a longer (it’s a relative term) walk on Sunday – possibly to The Griffin.