All was going well, last year, achieving …

  • 1769 Miles walked
  • Learning to Race-Walk (work in progress)
  • renewing my love of parkrun
  • Joining a new athletics club

… all was going well and then, it just ground to a halt !

I’m not sure as to why.

After my first ever race walk race, I took a few days recovery and just didn’t really get going again.

Then came Christmas with all the over-indulgentcies that that entails.

It is now half way through February and I have clocked up only forty six miles (plus a few dog walks but I couldn’t even be bothered to log those!)

Looking at my calendar, I noticed that on the third of next month, I had, postponed from last year, the Birch Challenge. This is a pretty low-key event where one tries to walk / run as far as they can in six hours.

And then, a month later A Coventry Way – the annual forty miler around Coventry.

Well, now is as good a time as any, to get back into the swing, put those shoes on and get out walking.

I’ve made a start fleshing out my training plan. Highlights, this year will include …

  • Birch Challenge
  • A Coventry Way
  • Arran Coastal Path
  • Dovedale Dipper
  • Rotherham RRR
  • Completion of the virtual Route 66