Training x 2

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1. Monday

Monday evening, as is becoming usual, I made my way to Nuneaton for a speed session on the track.

This Monday night event is aimed at runners (and walkers) of all abilities as the reps are based on time as opposed to distance.

This week, our coach Nick, had decided on the following …

I tried to walk with correct form and did feel something in my legs. I reckon that I’ve almost got the arm off pat.

The graph shows the separate blocks by both pace (blue line) and corresponding heart rate (grey).

2. Thursday

Thursday evenings are a get together of those race walkers in Nuneaton Harriers.

Tonight there were three of us and our coach, Steve.

After a warm up and a few stretches in the clubhouse, Steve outlined proper foot technique where I am to land on my heel then roll onto my toes as I pass over the foot.

We couldn’t put it off much longer so left to warm building for the great outdoors (3 degrees).

We did another little warm up before setting off on our first leg of five hundred metres.

I trailed Andy finishing just behind him.

The next stint (another 500m) was completed and I managed to finish first ahead of Andy and Neale. The final 500 was the same.

The last block was a longer fifteen hundred metres where, again, I managed to get in front and stay there, completing the walk in 10:09 or at 6:46 minutes per mile – I’m happy with that !

After this effort, we retired to the club house for a few cool down stretches before Steve went through some training plans. This is getting serious.