Club Walk

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After my training session on Monday, I received an email inviting me to meet some more race walkers from Nuneaton on Thursday evening.

Come the day, I made my way over to Nuneaton (only about half an hour’s drive away) arriving a little before the arranged time of six thirty.

I parked away from the main Pingles car park next to the rear entrance to the stadium. After changing footwear, I made my way into the stadium.

There were a few likely candidates standing around outside the club house including Nick who lead the pyramid session on Monday. I was recognised and introduced to Andy, Steve and Neale with whom I’d be walking.

With the preliminaries out of the way, we left the stadium for a walk around the nearby Riversley park.

We got chatting and discovered that we had a fair bit in common.

As we walked around, at a leisurely pace, Andy pointed out were I was going wrong.

The main things that he picked up on were …

Arms – not keeping them bent at ninety degrees and dropping my right arm.

Leaning – I was leaning forward. I was told to imagine a string from my belly button pulling me back, upright.

There were a few other minor issues but those were the main ones to concentrate on.

After three, two kilometre, laps we returned to the clubhouse for a post work out cuppa – I must remember to bring money in future !

Supping, Steve, suggested I see a sports physio to look at my lopsided gait. This came as a bit of a surprise as I wasn’t aware that I drooped on the right. Unfortunately, Steve is suffering with Motor Neurone Disease and I had difficulty understanding him but hopefully over the weeks I should tune in to his speech.

It was a good evening, not too strenuous (just under 15min mile – ooops, just under 9:19) and we had a good bit o chat. I was given some useful pointers and we agreed to meet every Thursday.

Meeting on a Thursday will fit in well with the Monday speed session, parkrun on Saturdays and a long walk on Sunday.

I must have been accepted as I have been added to the race walking WhatsApp group. Here we can keep each other informed about training sessions or even if someone’s going out for a walk.