Going Metric

From my earliest days as a runner, I have always counted my distances in miles. My training plans were all in miles and any speed sessions were expressed as so many minutes per mile.

Recently, or over the last few years, runners and, to a lesser extent, walkers have started talking of so many minute miles or the twelve kilometre walk they did last week (other distances are available).

Now that I’ve joined the world of race walking, which is more associated with track than road, everyone is talking in metric.

To join in, I have decided that I need to make the switch and go over to the dark side.

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Now, over the years, I can roughly calculate how long a longish walk will take – it’s easy. Fifteen minute miling is four miles per hour. So, for example, a walk to The Griffin of eight miles will take around two hours.

As an aside, walking to the pub takes two hours but the walk back takes three. The difference is staggering !

But in the new money, my fifteen minutes per mile is an awkward six point two kilometres.

I suppose that the maths still works as my eight mile walk becomes a twelve point nine (call it thirteen) kilometre walk. Already it sounds further – thirteen is a lot more than eight !

Continuing on, thirteen divided by six point four still gives around two hours.

If I’m visualising a walk in my head, I know how far a mile is and I can tick off the miles to get a rough idea as to how far I’ve got to go.

I will need to remember that my easy pace (15 min/mile) is now 9:19 min/km or if I aim for a nice round nine then it’s a brisker 14:30 mile.

So for various type of walk I need to aim for …

Type of WalkPace min/km
Dog Walking~ 11:00
Easy (LSD)~ 8:50 – 9:20
Brisk~ 8:00
5k (parkrun)~ 7:00

I dare say that I’ll get used to these new fangled kilometres. For the remainder of this year, I’ve set my watch to metric but I’ll leave Strava / Connect / my Master Plan in miles.

Come 2022 and it’s all out metric for me !