Harrogate, re-visited

Needing to stay near my computer (working from home) I had to roll out and dust off the treadmill for today’s workout.

For the first time, I ran Zwift on my new M1 iPad Pro with an HDMI lead connecting it to the TV in front of the treadmill.

I haven’t worked out how to pick any world on the iPad but luckily, Yorkshire, was one of the featured places and as I’d been to Harrogate a month or so ago, it was an obvious choice.

After picking Yorkshire (which is based around Harrogate) I plumbed for the Duchy Estate route at 3.1 miles.

When I was ready, I started Zwift and the treadmill and I was away.

Shortly after starting, I noticed that I was passing Betty’s Tea Rooms (A), renamed to something more cycling oriented – well it is Zwift, after all.

Half a mile into the walk, I passed the Pump Rooms (B) then climbed up Cornwall Road, known locally as Millionaires’ Row for a loop around Duchy Estate.

I passed the Pump Rooms for a second time and managed another half a loop before reaching my target.

I continued, gradually slowing the treadmill as a cool down.

The point marked as C on the map is The Royal Hotel where we stayed during our recent Yorkshire holiday.

Whilst staying at The Royal, I did get in a few, real, walks around the area and the representations in Zwift were quite realistic – at least I could tell what the landmarks were.

I tried to walk correctly while on the treadmill and managed to get the hips moving fairly well, at least I think that I did.

I’ll have to try videoing a future session on the treadmill and then see how I’m doing.