Changing Clubs

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My long search for a race walking coach is over.

I have found someone at Nuneaton Harriers and have already done a short speed session with her.

I have also decided to join Nuneaton Harriers so filled in the online form. I received a thank you email telling me that the membership secretary would contact me with payment details – which she promptly did.

I paid my dues but was then informed that England Athletics (EA) still had me registered with my previous club Centurion Running Club, even though I hadn’t paid my subs for years.

Anyway, I had to apply to change clubs after which EA emailed the Centurion membership secretary asking them to release me. I also emailed the membership sec. directly asking for the same.

Within a couple of hours, I was released and was adopted by Nuneaton.

I’ll have to get me a snazzy red and blue club vest before my race walking debut at the Winter League in December.