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I have been a little quiet of late, especially as I have been suffering with a bad cold this past week or so.

Still not 100%, I have decided NOT to take part in parkrun this weekend.

Strictly, I will be taking part but not by completing the 5k course. I have volunteered my services as official photographer at my local event, Babbs Mill.

My old running club, Centurions RC, are taking over the parkrun tomorrow filling most of the volunteer roles. A few years ago, I used to take the photos at Brueton parkrun where a lot of Centurions used to take part (long before Babbs Mill was even thought of).

It will be good to see a lot of old friends again.

Now, I just need to make sure my spare battery is charged as I have spare SD cards.

After the event, I’ll upload the photos, give them a quick edit and get them posted onto the Babbs Mill facebook page. When I was at Brueton, I could usually get the photos online in a couple of hours. I am a little out of practice but will try my best to get them on-line tomorrow.