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Although I walk a lot, I wouldn’t say that I was fit. I have almost zero upper body strength.

I can walk and walk but anything that involves the core will stump me.

While asking for advice on starting race walking, a lot of people have said that I need to have a strong core and that strengthening exercises are essential as race walking uses a lot more than just the legs.

Now, searching on the ‘net for core workout will bring up a ton of different, often conflicting, drills.

On the Beginning Race Walking Facebook page, someone suggested a site (LINK) which has some nice videos of workouts for race walking.

I looked at this and picked a set of exercises that look as though I could manage.

With the video cued up on my iPad, I went through the exercises doing just five reps of each (where legs / elbows are involve it was five for each side).

I managed and as I sit at my desk writing this entry I can feel a few aches which I’ve not experienced for a long, long time.

Afterward, I stepped through the video and made a bit of a crib-sheet until I get to know the drill.

After my long walk on Saturday, I should be resting this week so gently doing these will rest the legs.

I’m nipping out for an easy four miler this evening just to keep everything ticking over for next Tuesday’s six hour event on Cannock Chase.

I still have had no luck in tracking down a club or coach to help me in my quest to be a race walker. I afraid to do too much on my own in case I learn an incorrect technique which I’ll only have to unlearn later.