Redemption ?

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After my failure at the RRR on Saturday, I have found something a little different to do as a bit of a morale booster.

Next Tuesday, on Cannock Chase, there is a six hour event using a permanent 5k running course. They’ve tagged a little extra on to make each lap 3.3 miles.

Basically, the idea is to see how many laps can be achieved within the six hours.

And, as long as the last lap is started before the end of the six hours, it’ll count.

Doing the maths, gives …

1 lap (3.3 miles) at 15 min / mile = 49:30 mins

I should be able to cover seven laps within the six hours and if I can get out before there cut-off could squeeze in enough for a marathon.

LapsDistanceTime @ 15:00 min/mile
13.3 miles0:49:30
26.6 miles1:39:00
39.9 miles2:28:30
413.2 miles (half marathon)3:18:00
516.5 miles4:07:30
619.8 miles4:57:00
723.1 miles5:46:30
826.4 miles (marathon)6:36:00

I just need to make sure that I’ve got the correct shoes !