Tapering for the RRR

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I’ve just got back from a restful few days up north in and around Harrogate.

With the fifty mile Rowbotham’s Round Rotherham event this coming Saturday, I have only been out for a few short walks totalling only ten miles so far.

It is now Friday morning and I’m just back from picking the dogs up from the kennels. They were very excited but now the novelty’s worn off they are ‘resting’.

I’ve started to get a few things together …

  • Clothes for tomorrow (forecast is dry 13-17 degrees)
  • GPS with up-to-date RRR map
  • Emergency phone with RRR number saved
  • Torch
  • KT Tape and scissors
  • Vaseline
  • Face covering / Buff
  • Shoes

I have managed to squeeze most of this into my small, five litre, bag.

I’m going shopping shortly and I’ll pick up a few cereal bars, rice pudding (to go in the drop bag for half way) and anything else that takes my fancy !

Xtreme 54 Piece Camouflage Survival/Camping Kit – Xtreme Xccessories
NOT my kit !!!

This afternoon, I shall drive up to Rotherham and check into the Holiday Inn, less than a mile from race HQ.

In the morning, I need to drive to the start, get ready then register before my 05:30 start. I’ll be given a race number, T-shirt and tally. When ready, I shall ‘dib’ my tally on a reader which will start the clock and I’ll be away. I shall also be dropping off a small bag to be waiting for me at the halfway checkpoint.

My race T-shirt will get dropped in the car as the route goes through the car parking.