To the Pub (widescreen)

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Tuesday and I was working from home which meant that I was all done by four o’clock.

My other half had agreed to pick me up from The Griffin at seven which gave me about two and a half hours or ten miles.

Finishing work a tad early, I walked the dogs locally which served as a warm up for my longer walk.

I plotted a route using Plotaroute (LINK) which would provide the required mileage and at 16:35 closed the front door behind me and headed, firstly, for Water Orton.

I walked past the HS2 works on Attleboro Lane noticing the new bits then after leaving the village made my way to Gilson before cutting across country towards Coleshill along the River Cole.

The bridge at the bottom of Coleshill High Street is currently undergoing roadwork so I had no difficulty crossing over to continue along the river for a short while before starting the climb up to the town.

Gradually at first the path rises, crosses Blythe Road before continuing up to the church of St. Peter and St. Paul.

Passing through the churchyard and the countryside opened up rewarding me with this view

From this vantage point, I dropped down towards Coleshill’s other river, the Blythe, crossing it by a narrow footbridge.

I used to call this bridge, The Bridge of Doom, as Gabby dog used to fear it and really needed coaxing across. She is a lot better now.

The route continued along a track as far as Maxstoke golf course which it skirted around and through.

Walking between two water features, I was surprised to see a multitude of ducks who quacked and reluctantly moved out of the way to let me pass.

Leaving the golf course and ducks behind, I walked around a field and onto Castle Lane towards Maxstoke. The road here was bedecked with “Road Closed” signs in the road but the resourceful drivers just drove on the pavement to get past !

Half a mile further along, I left the tarmac to follow a path that joined the Heart of England Way at the delightfully names Dumble Wood.

From the wood, the path rises again to give a wide view back towards Coleshill and Birmingham beyond.

The Heart of England way snaked around a few more fields then straight across a couple more ( I had to aim for the yellow topped posts) before finally coming out onto a section of road ( Moat House Lane ).

In the twilight, I followed the lane to Shustoke before my final bit of off-roading through a small wood and onto Church Road for the final quarter of a mile to journey’s end.

As I walked this last section, a car horn sounded behind me as Sue drove past. She arrived at the pub a couple of minutes early and I turned up bang on seven.

The ten miles to the pub added to the doggie walks earlier gave me a daily total of 12.6 miles – nice.