Middle of Nowhere

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At the beginning of the year, I started a virtual walk across America following the old Route 66 from Chicago to L.A.

All my walks are logged via a webpage and backed up with my Strava data.

Every now and again, I upload my mileages to the end-to-end website (LINK) and then I can search the leaderboard to see how I am progressing.

As of yesterday, I had covered 1461 miles out of the total of 2278 leaving ‘just’ 817. I do have until the end of next year even though I was hoping to complete it in one year.

Part of the package is the virtual postcards that are sent at certain stages. The latest batch are from 1,350 and 1,455 miles. One odd thing about these postcards from America is that they have UK stamps on them!

So where, exactly, am I ?

Zooming in on the map and selecting the yellow man reveals that I am here …

… basically, in the middle of nowhere !

I will soon be leaving New Mexico for Arizona before my final state; California.

See y’all !