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The big walk of this week was to be twenty miles so by incorporating the usual parkrun I would need to pick an event about eight and half miles away.

Nothing really presented itself so I decided to drive to somewhere that was about nine miles away from a parkrun.

After a bit of map perusing, I chose Bedworth for the parkrun and about nine miles away, via the Coventry Canal, Hartshill near Nuneaton.

Come Saturday morning, I drove out to Hartshill and parked up next to the canal.

At one minute past six, I locked the car and headed for the towpath.

The sun was yet to rise, as I headed South East towards Nuneaton. The canal got progressively more urban as the fields gave way to back gardens.

Some of these gardens, especially the ones on the other side of the cut were decorated with all manner of garden ornaments which brough a smile to this traveller’s lips.

This section of canal contains no locks so made for easy travel. In fact, the Coventry canal, from it’s source in, you guessed it, Coventry, has only one lock until it reaches Atherstone.

I continued through Nuneaton and after some six miles from starting arrived at Marston Junction and the start, or finish, of the Ashby Canal. On the Canals and Rivers Trust website the first bridge on the Ashby is marked as Orton Bridge No. 1 so it is probably the start of the canal.

I reached the point where I needed to leave the canal but was a little short on mileage and hence a tad early. To fill in the gap, I continued towards Coventry for about half a mile before turning around.

On leaving the canal, I spotted a “A Coventry Way” (ACW) pointer and remembered that the ACW passes through the edge of the Miners Welfare Park.

I followed the ACW then after a quick glance at the map, branched off and headed into the park proper as the ACW misses out this delightful little park.

As I entered the park I spotted a disc-golf basket. I have played disc-golf a few times but never knew that Bedworth had a course. I will definately be returning with my discs.

I made my way to the start of the event and as usual was well early which gave me time to chat with some other attendees.

I chatted to one bloke who was a regular at Bedworth who tried to impress me by telling me that he had done a marathon and that he would be taking part in a 10k the following day.

I countered by telling him that I was in training for a fifty mile event in a month’s time (the RRR).

“THAT is a long way!” he conceded.

At the allowed time, we were sent off for a short lap followed by two slightly longer laps which incorporated a bit of a drop and subsequent climb back up just to make it interesting.

I wasn’t all that fast and managed to finish in an official time of 38:45.

After a bit of a cool down and a choccie bar, I headed back towards the canal for my return journey.

On the way out of the park, I stopped to check out one of the tee markers for the disc golf. It all looks very well thought out.

Once out of the park, I backtracked a short section of the ACW reaching the canal at Bedworth Hill Bridge No.13.

I followed the towpath back the way I had come passing the same decorated yards but from a slightly different angle.

In one area I spied Shrek, Snow White and The Simpsons !

I arrived back at the car at around twelve from where it was a short drive home.

If you’re wondering why I’ve titled this post Beduff, apparently that’s how the locals pronounce it. At one time one of the “Welcome to Bedworth” signs had actually been doctored to read Beduff !

TOTALS for 2021
TODAY’S MILEAGE   21 miles
ANNUAL MILEAGE   1390 miles
#WALK 1000 REMAINING   -390 miles
ROUTE 66 REMAINING   888 miles