Back to Work

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After leaving the car at work yesterday, I really had to walk into work today.

The plan called for just seven miles so the most direct route would suffice.

Nothing too exciting but I did witness an impressive sunrise and with clear skies some long shadows preceded me.

I arrived at work after a short stretch along the canal having clocked up exactly seven miles.

Saturday ?

Looking towards the weekend, I have a long walk pencilled in for Saturday. I need to cover twenty six miles including a three mile parkrun somewhere.

I have walked to Sutton Coldfield and Solihull over the last two weekends so fancied somewhere different.

Subtracting the parkrun (wherever I decide to go) leaves around twenty three miles or eleven miles each way.

After consulting the charts, I have picked Parry Hall parkrun in Perry Bar.

Using a combination of Plot-a-route and Dynamic Watch, I have devised a route to Perry Bar passing Aston Park and Villa Park.

At Perry Bar, I hope to see what has been knocked down and built up in readiness for next year’s Commonwealth Games.

After parkrun, I plan on walking along the River Tame to Sandwell Valley Park into which I will make a short incursion before heading north to pick up the Tame Valley Canal.

I shall descend a fight of locks, catching a glimpse of the refurbished Alexander stadium.