Yesterday evening after my long ‘slow’ distance (LSD) walk interspersed with a brisk 5k parkrun, I developed a couple of niggles; a painful headache and some knee pain.

I woke, Sunday, with an even worse headache (or probably the same one – just more so). Some Cocodamol and a lie in eventually cleared my head enough to nip out with my daughter to walk the dogs in the afternoon.

Didn’t quite manage the planned eight miles but clocked up just over half of that.

I’m not sure if it’s connected, but following last week’s Saturday walk of around twenty two miles with a parkrun in the middle, I felt really tired from the night, even worse on the Sunday and suffered with intermittent migraine like symptoms – dizziness, flashing lights and headache.

I hope that I’m not overdoing the exercise on the Saturday, perhaps by doing the hard effort parkrun in the middle.

I’ve got a similar distance this coming weekend so will have to keep a close eye on my condition afterwards and if I get the same ailments will need to, perhaps, dial back on something.

As to the knee pain it looks like the old osteoarthritis playing up. The knee hasn’t been giving me much trouble recently and I have stopped strapping / taping it before exercising.

Perhaps with the stepping up of the mileage, I need to restart taping my knee up before going out on anything more than a couple of miles or so ?

A rub with ibuprofen gel afterwards also helps by reducing any inflammation.