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The ‘heatwave’ continues.

The dogs gave me a wake up nudge around half four but his was fine as I’d planned on getting out early to beat the heat.

Even at this hour, it was already around 18º so I took the hairiest dog (Gabby) out first. Technically we were up before the sun (05:08) but the sky was already lightening up as we set off.

The Plan called for six miles today but with 6.28 miles before achieving my thousandth mile of the year, I decided to go just a tad over what was planned.

With two dogs to walk, I picked the Water Orton circuit of just over three miles per ‘lap’.

Being very quiet, I let Gabby off the lead as we crossed the motorways and hit the country. Half way down Attleboro Lane, we nipped into the field which will soon be off-limits when the HS2 goes through.

To be honest, it’s probably off-limits already as there are sections of Heras fencing barring entry to the field. However a track has been opened allowing access.

Strangely, the other end of the path, on Church Lane, is not fenced off and there’s not even a warning notice.

We crossed the park and proceeded along Plank Lane before ascending the hill uptown Park Hall then following the cut-through to Lanchester Way and back home.

Lap one completed and the watch told me that we’d covered 3.4 miles, so I’ll complete my #walk1000 mile challenge next time around.

After switching pooches, Misty and I were off for part two.

Following the same route, Misty, like Gabby before, had a chance to have a bit of a run around before it got too hot – the forecast is for 28º this afternoon with a 73% chance of a thunderstorm.

We carried on around and walking past Park Hall School, I started checking my watch so that I wouldn’t miss the 1000 mile mark.

With less than half a mile to go, my watch ticked over to 6.28 for today but more importantly 1,000 miles for the year.

Obviously, we had to stop for the obligatory photo.

Back home, I fed the dogs; fed me then updated my ‘paperwork’ including posting the victory photo to the #walk1000miles Facebook page (LINK).

TOTALS for 2021
ANNUAL MILEAGE   1000 miles
#WALK 1000 REMAINING   0 miles
ROUTE 66 REMAINING   1278 miles