Scorchio !

Maybe not quite that hot but the last few days have produced temperatures of around 30º C. Too hot in the day for the puppies so I’ve been taking them out first thing in the morning when it’s still rather warm but not too hot for them.

Apart from the doggie walks, I took myself for a ten miler yesterday over to and around Hams Hall. The sun made everything look better, even the outflow from the nearby sewerage works!

I got back at around half eleven and it was already in the mid-twenties. Plenty of fluids and a cool shower on my return did the trick in keeping me cool(ish) and hydrated.

A good week’s training with my planned mileage only exceeded by a couple of miles. I didn’t manage the back-to-back medium mid-week walks (due to a wardrobe) but compensated for that by fourteen miles on Thursday, including an eleven miler from work out to The Griffin.

Next week the hot weather looks set to continue until the weekend when thunderstorms are forecast – just in time for the re-start of parkrun.

The weekly, free, 5k events were cancelled back in March 2020 but most, in England, are due to restart next Saturday, 24th July 2021. A friend from work is hoping to complete the Sutton Park event next week so I said that I’d do it as well.

Next Saturday, according to The Plan, I need to cover twenty two miles. I reckon that walking to Sutton Park, via Newhall Valley, doing parkrun then walking home along the A452 shouldn’t be far off – and those thunderstorm will keep me refreshed.

At close of play, I have covered 991 miles this year so a bit of simple arithmetic will reveal that I have only nine miles left to cover to reach my one thousand mile target.

The plan calls for two miles tomorrow (9-2=7) and Tuesday, six miles (7-6=1). Therefore, unless I do an extra mile somewhere, I should reach my milestone walking home from work on Wednesday. Watch this space.