Not Quite to Plan

The week started well, with me keeping to minimal mileage on Monday and a short walk on Tuesday with the dogs.

It was a rather warm afternoon by the time I’d finished work but I harnessed up the dogs and we took a leisurely stroll to Water Orton.

After crossing the motorways, I allowed the pooches ten minutes of running free, chasing each other and bounding through the tall grass.

With the leads back on (technically one lead and the coupler) we continued down to the village then up the hill towards Castle Bromwich.

As I have said before, my other half works at the local pet shop so I decided that we’d rendezvous with her after work and cadge a lift home.

We arrived about five minutes before clocking off time. The shop usually has a bowl of water outside which the dogs soon emptied before I got them into the back of the car.

To stop the dogs jumping in and out of the car, I recently bought a couple of short leads which clip into the anchor points in the boot and allow them just enough room to mill around but not long enough for them to jump out.

The walk was only three miles instead of the planned four – but close enough.

Wednesday, I drove to work with the intention of walking home then walking back in on Thursday to pick up the car.

However, Around lunch-time, I received a call from daughter #1. “Dad?” she began, “I’ve bought a new wardrobe and put it together, like the instructions said”.

I had an idea as to where this was going.

“And it sort of broke!”
“Sort of broke?” I enquired.
“It’s all very wobbly, can you, please, come and have a look?”

So that was the walk home out of the window. I drove home, picked up some tools and other wardrobe fixing bits and pieces then spent the next two hours trying to fathom out what she had done but more importantly, putting it right.

I’m not sure how she managed it but a lot of the fixings had pulled out and to try and help she had put in screws, seemingly at random, to try and hold it together.

I did my best.
It’s not perfect but at least it’s a box with doors that you can put clothes in.

Back to walking – I ran out of time for the projected six miler.

Today, I caught the bus into work and at the wife’s suggestion (honest), post-work I shall walk around eleven miles to our ‘local’ watering hole. Physically, it’s not all that local (about six miles away from home) but it’s our usual haunt.

It’s not going to be the most scenic walk – not even close. It will involve almost seven miles along one of Birmingham’s main roads then a couple of miles of country roads (still busy) before I can cut cross-country emerging opposite The Griffin.

I managed 2.6 miles with the dogs before work so with this eleven-ish I should be back on track.