Together Again

“The Plan” only called for two miles today, as a recovery day following the twenty seven miles over the weekend AND it’s an easy week this week.

I waited until after work then, and I don’t know what came over me, I decided to take the two mutts out together.

I do do this occasionally, usually with separate leads both clipped into my waist belt but for a change I used the lead-linker thingy and walk them on one lead.

Ancol Nylon Couple 30cm x 20mm

Because the coupler, to use it’s proper name, adds some length, I had to double over the yellow lead so that they couldn’t get too far ahead of (or behind) me.

I tried with Misty on the inside (as above) and with Gabby next to me. It seemed to work best with Gabby on the inside except that Misty is nearer the smells this way and stops often to indulge her nose.

Not a quick two miles (18:01 per mile) but it wasn’t too bad. There was some pulling but not too bad so I may try this again.