Weekly Roundup

Above is this week’s activities from “The Plan”.

The top line shows the planned mileages for each day.
The second line are the actual miles covered.

The 51 is the total planned for the week and the 57.12 is what I achieved.
The 951.91 is the on-going annual mileage – not far off that #Walk1000miles target ?

Whilst we’re on spreadsheets, the official results from Saturday came through …

… and there I am, number 1823. The ‘R’ in the fifth column means I was a runner but my entry clearly stated that I’d be walking, meaning that I was the fastest walker. I know it’s not a race but … hey !

The guy I was talking to after finishing on Saturday must have been another Kev(in) namely Kevin Adams – so it was a Kev 1 – 2 !

My brother messaged me through Strava asking when the Peak District Challenge was. I thought that he wanted to join me but no. He’s on holiday in the area that week so may well drop in somewhere to cheer me on – it’s almost like having a support crew.

Next week is an easy week of only thirty eight miles with the long Saturday walk being fourteen.

I’ll probably do the drive to work; walk home; walk to work; drive home thing on Wednesday and Thursday.