Kit, Check

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On the eve of my first proper event for a long time, I am needing to get all my gear ready for tomorrow.

There is no compulsory kit list and the walk is eighteen miles, so what will I need ?


Trousers (I don’t know the terrain so I’m not sacrificing my legs!)

Wicking base layer



Buff (doubles as face covering)

Shell top


Rucksack (not sure which one until I know what I’ve got to put in it)

GPS (on charge) + spare batteries

Garmin Fenix (on charge)

Route Directions (laminated)


Phone (fully charged)

Emergency Phone (fully charged / switched off) in plastic bag*

First Aid Kit

Vaseline / Sun Cream (can be left in car)

Food / Drink

Drinks bottles (dependant on rucksack)

Snacks / Sweets

I have the postcode for the car park already programmed into my satnav. I can start anytime after 08:00 and Google Maps informs me that the venue is around 45 minutes away so I’ll need to be out of the house by seven.

I’ll probably be able to ram everything into my Raidlite pack or even my running vest. I can use the front pockets for one water bottle and my iPhone in the other for easy access to take some photos.

I am expecting to get around in about 18 x 15 minutes or around four and a half hours – call it five to be on the safe side so should be back at HQ around one o’clock.

* Emergency Phone

During a recent tidy up at work, we found a number of old Nokia phones.

I’ve picked up a PAYG SIM and stuck £5 credit on it. As long as I make one call or text every 180 days, the credit stays on the phone.

I can keep this phone, charged and in a waterproof bag, in my rucksack as an emergency in case my proper phone packs up.