New Toy

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I’d received route instructions and a .gpx file from the organisers of this weekend’s Hallow 12 Parishes event (LINK) so thought that I’d dig out my hand-held GPS unit and stick the route onto that.

I did have a snazzy (or at least less snazzy than my old Oregon) Garmin GPSMAP 62 but that gave up the ghost a while back.

Luckily, I still had, the aforementioned, Garmin Oregon which was soon located. I turned it over, put in a couple of fresh AA batteries, snapped the back on then went to press the power button.

This is the point that I noticed that the power button was no longer there.

Technically, the switch is still there but the rubber cover had worn away and dropped off.

The unit still fired up after poking the tiny internal switch with a pencil but the GPS is hardly waterproof anymore !

There was only one thing to do – Amazon.

I found a newer model than my previous GPSMAP 62 in the shape of the GPSMAP 65. I had a look at a few reviews before pressing that alluring BUY NOW button.

I was in the office today so had the unit delivered there and it arrived around noon giving me time for a little play.

I had loaded the free Openstreetmaps (LINK) whole of the UK onto an SD card last night along with the .gpx for the upcoming event.

I slipped the SD card into my new toy, along with a couple of batteries and fired it up.

After a bit of a fiddle to disable the supplied maps and enable my free maps I was presented with a blank screen.

Then I realised that the unit didn’t know where on Earth (literally) I was. A couple of minutes in the car park allowed the unit to see some satellites and there was a blue arrow showing in the middle of our car park 🙂

Going back indoors, I tweaked a few other settings before going back to work.