Weekly Roundup


The training is going to plan with the planned weekly workouts and mileages achieved.

The main weekend mileage was achieved with a walk into work and back on Saturday. I was planning on getting the bus into work then walking the requisite twelve miles to get back home. However, come Saturday morning, it was hammering down which would mean going into work in full waterproofs which would then need to be carried home.

Instead, I walked both ways. On the way in, I passed a chap walking his dog and after befriending said pooch, I got to talking with it’s owner. He complemented me on the speed of my walking and asked if I was training for something. I discussed the upcoming fifty mile RRR and how many miles a week I was doing. After our chat, we wished each other well as I strode away.

After a few hours at work, I made my way home via the canal and the Cole Valley (avoiding the viaduct works at Stectchford). I did make a little excursion at Stetchford just to check that the footpath was still closed – it was.

Peak District Challenge

After signing up for this event in September, I looked a bit deeper as to what will be required.

The co-ordinates of the checkpoints will be given seven days before the event which gives me a week to plot a likely route between them. Apparently, there is a suggested route but there are quicker ways around. As long as all the checkpoints are visited it doesn’t matter how you move between them.

My BMC map arrived on Sunday and my Bivvy bag should turn up today.

I’ve got a few months to find the rest of the stuff on the kit list but shouldn’t have to buy much else.