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So there I was, out on my drive, fitting some mats into the car when my phone made an odd noise. I whipped it out (oh err missus!) and noticed an alert from the NHS track and Trace (T&T) app.

It informed me that I had been in contact with someone who had tested positive for Covid and that I needed to self isolate for five days.

That is …

  • No leaving the house even for work
  • No exercising outdoor except in the garden
  • No visitors

So, no long weekend walk this week and only having a small garden I’ll have worn a trench after walking the planned twenty two miles. In fact, I can’t even walk the puppies !

I have, planned …

  • 2 miles today
  • 22 miles Saturday
  • 8 Sunday and
  • 2 miles on Monday

I think that I’ll have to dust off the treadmill but the thought of twenty two miles fills me with dread. I’ll have to break the twenty two down into a number of shorter walks with breaks in between.

Luckily, I can log the treadmill mileage towards Route 66 and of course the #walk1000 miles challenges – I’ve just got to remember how to work Zwift !