RAWW (Virtual)- The Plan

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This coming weekend should have been the gruelling Rotary Across Wales Walk. I completed this back in 2019 and it nearly killed me – they know how to do hills in that there Wales !

With the coronavirus restrictions still in place, the organisers have decided to go virtual this year (LINK).

With distances of either 8, 13, 26, 32 or the full 47 miles and a full three days to complete your chosen distance, I thought that I’d take a punt.

The Plan calls for two miles on Friday, eighteen on Saturday and eight on Sunday giving a planned total of twenty nine miles so I plumbed for the thirty two mile distance.

I have paid my fee (£10) and on completion I shall receive my first medal of the year.

I am playing trains on Sunday in Welshpool so I’ll plan on a few extra Friday leaving, perhaps, a couple of dog walks for Sunday.