I’m Back

… not that I’ve been away, as such.

The year started off well, or as well as it can be with the Covid stuff still happening). Towards the end of March, my mother took ill and, sadly, passed away in April.

With the funeral to arrange and all the other bits and pieces associated with a death (housing, probate etc. etc.) taking priority, the walking suffered with some weeks only the necessity of walking the dogs contributing any mileage. Some days I could even be bothered to log the miles !

It is now June and things have returned to some sense of normality so I’ve started to look at getting back on track.

The main objectives being …

  • #Walk1000 Miles – well on course to complete the thousand miles this year – currently on 731 miles.
  • Route 66 – Struggling to complete in my self imposed twelve month deadline. The actual challenge allows fro two years so I should manage that. I would need to average 7.6 miles per day (53 per week) to finish by December 31.
  • Rowbothans Round Rotherham 50 (RRR) – this takes place in October, about sixteen weeks’ time. Using my tried and tested training plan that is just about right.
  • Hallow 12 Parish Challenge – a quick look on tehLDWA website for ‘training’ events before the RRR, I found this event for 10th July. With a choice of distances, I picked eighteen miles as this was the closest to my long weekend walk for that week.

It is also time for some new shoes – Hokas again, probably.

I will need to shed a few pounds (or kilos) and stick to the plan.

I can do a walk to and/or from work on a Wednesday; make sure that I get up early enough to exercise the puppies (and me) every day and of course not skimp on the LSD walk at the weekend – usually on a Saturday, but I am flexible.

Challenger ATR 6