To the Griffin (original title – NOT!!!)

It was a warm, somewhat overcast afternoon as I left work for the short drive home.

Once back at base, I changed into, what I thought was, appropriate walking attire and set off for my favourite watering hole.

Being warm, I choose shorts and a short sleeve top. wary of my exposed bits, I slapped on some SPF50 before setting off.

I started off on the cycle path along Auckland Drive before heading cross country towards Coleshill Hall.

It was around this point that I realised the folly of my ways as I had to walk through waist height grass / nettles / thistles. A bit itchy to say the least.

After crossing Coleshill High Street, I made my way, past the church, through the cemetery and off towards Maxstoke Golf Course.

The sunny weather brought out the golfers as there were players on every hole I passed.

Leaving the Golf Course, I noticed that a new footpath sign had appeared across the road. The footpath used to go here but was diverted to a nearby track a few years ago. I wasn’t one hundred percent sure that the path had been reinstated so walked to the track to be on the safe side. Looking back from the track, I could see a faint line around the edge of the field so I’ll have to try the ‘new’ footpath next time.

Just before a farm house, I went left following the yellow-topped posts to Dumble Wood before wading throgh more tall crops to Shustoke.

I was along this section that I spotted two birds of prey of some type wheeling about overhead. I only had my iPhone as a camera so it’s hard to tell what species they are from the resultant photos.

The second one was screeching as I circle above me – most unusual, I have been told.

After seven and a half miles, I reached The Griffin and made my way inside. I ordered a big glass of orange juice and lemonade with lashings of ice to cool me down before I started on the real stuff.

My legs were covered in bumps and itched like hell. In future perhaps an antihistamine before hand might be wise ? At least the sun block worked.

The following day, the itching had mostly stopped but he legs were sore – It’s been a while since I’ve done a brisk, off-road walk but I’ll get used to it.