New Treadmill

During the first lockdown, from March 2020, outdoor exercise was limited to once per day so to get more exercise, I dusted off an ancient treadmill and used that.

The old machine worked fine but it soon became evident that the belt slowed down at each footfall so that the readout couldn’t be trusted.

I bought a footpad sensor for my shoes and managed to calibrate it in a fashion.

To make the sessions more enjoyable, I was running an app on a laptop called Zwift which displays scenery through which one moves at a rate determined by how fast one is walking.

Now that we are in another lockdown (lockdown number three) and I’m using the treadmill again, I decided to splash out and get a newer, more up-to-dat model. I had a look around and went for the Sportstech F10 model.

The F10 is built in Germany and has great reviews for it’s build quality.

A great feature of this machine is that it is Bluetooth enabled and is able to send it’s speed to a paired device, in my case, the laptop running Zwift.

As can be appreciated, treadmill are much in demand during this period of closed gyms and when I ordered mine, I was told that I’d have to wait over a month for delivery.

Therefore, I was rather surprised last week, when I received an email confirming delivery for 2nd March. Minutes later, there was a ring of the front door from a man delivering my new toy.

The machine went together easily enough and apart from it being fitted with a European plug was soon up and running (or walking depending on the speed!)

I did a quick mile as a test and after having to tension the belt all seemed fine. I did seem to be walking faster to achieve 4mph but that is probably because my footpads were calibrated incorrectly. I’ll have to do a test recording both treadmill speed and footpad.