This week’s walks

We, the dogs and I, took a rest day on Monday walking absolutely zero miles.

Tuesday was a couple of dog walks totalling four miles. Nothing special but on my virtual Route 66 challenge I crossed over the Mississippi into Missouri.

Wednesday started the same way as the day before. After walking the dogs through a dusting of snow I spent the rest of the day working from home.

After work, I changing into walking gear and set off again. I headed along the cycle track running parallel to Auckland Drive turning off, after a mile or so, crossing the M6 and heading towards Coleshill.

Initially, I was walking around a muddy field as much of the earlier accumulation of snow had turned back to it’s natural state. After the field I walked along a narrow, slightly less muddy track which lead to the road to Coleshill Manor.

Once I had gained the road, I headed away from the manor towards Coleshill itself.

After a short walk along the busy A446, Coleshill bypass, I turned off to cross under the road and back off-road. I followed the River Cole a short way before crossing over it and across another muddy field towards Gilson. This small hamlet has been around since medieval times even boasting it’s own lord, back then, separate from it’s larger neighbour, Coleshill.

By the time I got home the daily total had crept up to a little over ten miles.

Thursday started with the usual four miles of dog walks.

Half way through the morning, my work was interrupted by a ring of the doorbell. Opening the front door, I was greeted by a big cardboard box and a man at the end of the drive.
“Parcel for you!” he called giving me a thumbs up.
“Cheers, I wasn’t expecting that just yet!”

It is true, I wasn’t expecting a big box, at least not for another couple of weeks. After my frustrations with the old treadmill, I splashed out on a newer model but it wasn’t due to be delivered until March 2nd – I’d even received an email that very morning telling me so!

I had some work to complete so resisted the urge to open it up and get it assembled – at least until mid-afternoon.

Assembly was fairly straightforward comprising around a dozen bolts.

Come the time to test it and I became aware of a major problem – the mains lead was fitted with a European plug. No great shakes as I soon found a 13A to euro plug adapter and I powered up the tread.

Just to try it out, I fired up Zwift for a quickie mile somewhere in France. The walk went well and I seemed to be walking quicker than the old model doing the same 4pmh. I’ll post a separate blog about the treadmill.

Friday saw a return to the two by two mile dog walks.