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With a definite target at the end of May, the training now has a purpose.

The LDWA has started a Facebook page for entrants only so I’ve joined that. It looks as though a lot of people, Covid permitting, are planning on walking a previous hundred route or picking all or part of a long distance path. I’m still planning on ten sections of roughly ten miles from home so that I can treat home as checkpoints and pick up food, drink and kit as required.

Playing about with Strava, I discovered the Heat-map function. This show’s all the places that you have been. My local area map looks like this …

As expected, lots of squiggles around Birmingham but also some noticeable others. To the right of Birmingham we can see Coventry encircled by the A Coventry Way walk.

Top right we find The Charnwood Marathon.

Other routes stretch out like tentacles mainly following canals with one up to Stafford. When my other half was working in Wolverhampton, I took the train out to Stratford and walked back along the cut to meet her from work.

Whilst playing with the heat-map I noticed a few omissions so I checked back and found a number of gaps in my activities list. When I moved over from Endomondo to Strava I requested a download of all my activities. Using this download, I was able to upload the missing walks to Strava.

Not an easy process as you can only upload twenty five activities at a time and because Strava assumes that everyone is either a runner or cyclist, marks all uploads as runs. At the moment, it’s too much hassle to go and edit every activity so many of my earlier walks (pre 2014) are shown as runs instead of walks.

There are also a few duplicates especially in 2019 and again I haven’t the time, or inclination, to go and remove them. Maybe one day – it’s one of those jobs like keyboarding photos that could do with being done but…

I have used my walking vest a couple of time without any problems apart from having to carefully select what is to go in the 5.5 litre pack.

I bought a couple of 250ml soft flasks to replace to rigid bottle that came with the vest.

The drinking straws are handy and I suppose that they a little lighter than the standard bottles.

I have also splashed out on a couple of pairs of shorts – longish shorts in a bid to get used to walking with bare legs. It’s been pretty chilly this week and I haven’t plucked up enough courage to venture out in them yet.

Oh yes, and I had to buy another #walk1000 miles badge after misplacing the one I bought earlier.

2021 badge 0J5A6245.JPG