Last Week’s Walks

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I’ll lump this last week’s items together in this one post as not a great deal has happened.

Monday, we had a rest day. Very rare especially as the dogs need walked daily. However, they did a few miles extra at the weekend and were rather tired so we took it easy.

Tuesday, we held out until after work then we did the ‘usual’ two mile loop with each dog then I walked to meet the other half from work. Nothing special but six miles in the bank.

On to Wednesday, I took the puppies for a two and a half miler each before work.

After checking the plan, I noticed that I still had nearly five miles to do so after work, I dragged out the treadmill for a virtual walk around that there London courtesy of Zwift.

Thursday followed the same pattern with a couple miles in New York’s Central Park.

To top off the week, I just did a couple of the local loop with one dog each time – a nice easy four miles.