Two Hundred

After crunching yesterday’s numbers, I realised a few things …

  • I have almost covered two hundred mile so far this year
  • I am almost a fifth of the way to achieving the #walk 1000 mile challenge
  • I am in (one of the many) Springfields, US on my Route 66 challenge
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With my total standing at one hundred and ninety-five miles, obviously I had to do at least five miles today, even if the plan says only four.

The doggies had me up around six, as per usual, so after a cursory glance at my inbox, I decided that I’d have to go walkies.

I’d read something yesterday about walking the dogs as one would if cani-crossing, i.e. in harness with a bungee lead and belt. Mmm? I wonder !

Misty first. Both dogs get excited when they think that they are going out but Misty is extra bouncy and it took a while to get her still for long enough to put her harness on.

Being still, technically, a puppy (she’ll turn two in April) she hasn’t been allowed to ‘run’ off in front – until today.

She will run off when off-lead at the “Go on!” command. With the lead between us she did exactly the same put didn’t pull excessively and after a short while stayed ahead with the lead slightly loose. Good Girl !

We were on one of our usual routes, Arran Way, which is two miles long so to get today’s mileage up to that five mile target we added a little extra and continued to Shetland Walk.

Misty performed well with our average pace improving from around 18:30 to under 16:00 minutes per mile.

Gabby was next out. I have run with Gabby before so she knew what to do. We did the same route for a total of 5.3 miles with one of our miles covered in 14:01.

We had a good workout at an average pace of 15:11 which taking into account all the sniffing and toilet stops (by the dogs) seems very good. The dogs behaved excellently and I had a faster than normal walk so I believe that this could be the way forward.