I’ve been looking at treadmills recently as the old machine is past it’s best and came across a likely candidate – the Sportstech F10. Looking at the specs I saw that the machine could be used with a mobile app called Kinomap.

Kinomap is similar to Zwift in that the scenery moves past at a rate dictated by the speed of the treadmill – no more reliance on my footpad. I assume that the the machine will also work with Zwift which will take the Bluetooth data from the treadmill.

Anyway, back to Kinomap. I downloaded the app onto my iPhone and started it. First job is to pair it with your exercise equipment whether that’s a turbo trainer, rowing machine or treadmill, amongst others. It will also pair with any BT or ANT+ device so I paired it with my Zwift Runpod.

Once setup, you need to select the route of which there are loads. Some are specific for either cycling, running (or walking) and even some across water for those rowers. The app runs on a mobile device, iOS or Android but it can be cast to a chrome cast, Apple TV or in my case a web browser. I connected my laptop to the big TV (see earlier post) started the (old) treadmill and hit start.

The main difference between Kinomap and Zwift is that the graphics on Kinomap are real videos and not computer generated. There are also no other competitors’ avatars whizzing past as you walk along.

The route I chose was a 2.6 miles walk through the desert near Moab, Utah (see right – without all the HUD).

The display shows loads of data, including speed, elapsed time, distance remaining. There’s a map and n incline indicator. Fancy treadmills will automatically adjust their incline.

The walk went well and I had soon clocked up another 2.6 miles to add to the four miles that I did earlier with the doggies.